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Vancouver Hair Transplant 

Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong

Located in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, Hasson and Wong hair transplant clinic, led by Vancouver hair transplant surgeons Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong, are true pioneers in the hair transplant industry. Hasson and Wong are consistently considered top hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Hasson and Wong have been credited for the development of the lateral slit technique and the development of an instrument that allows the customization of surgical blades. This ability to customize blades, results in less damage to follicles during the incision process.

Every individual comprising the support team at Hasson and Wong possesses a genuine concern for your well-being and is genuinely dedicated to ensuring successful outcomes for your surgery. Our team members are extensively trained in their respective fields of expertise, and their commitment to meticulousness, characteristic of a top-tier hair transplant clinic, becomes evident from the moment you interact with them. The meticulousness and care we provide extend far beyond the surgery itself and persist throughout the entirety of your hair growth journey. Our dedicated staff is readily accessible via phone or email, offering ongoing support for any inquiries or feedback you may have after your surgery.

When viewing Hasson and Wong’s extensive gallery of before and after results and watching video testimonials from several patients, you will clearly see why Hasson and Wong are considered among the best surgeons in the world within the hair transplant industry. 

Looking for a skilled hair transplant surgeon in Vancouver BC? Hasson & Wong may be just the team you need. With a proven track record of delivering natural looking results, they are sure to meet your expectations. Hasson and Wong have a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional surgery outcomes, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking a hair transplant.


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the cost of hair transplant surgery in Vancouver BC?


    Please visit our website for detailed information about the cost of our FUE and FUT hair transplant surgery procedures. There are many variables to take into account, such as the amount of grafts required for surgery and your hair restoration goals.


    Do you charge for a consultation?


    Consultations are free. We highly recommend completing an online consultation. Not everyone is a candidate for hair transplant surgery and we can quickly assess your hair loss situation by simple reviewing photos that you can submit from the comforts of your own home. Use the form on our profile here to complete a free consultation.

    Patient Results

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    Type 5a
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    Type 5




    Awards and Recognition

    Golden Folicle Award (2011)

    Outstanding Patient Experience Award™ (2020)