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Scalp Micropigmentation explained!

The Basics

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP for short, is the process of mimicking hair follicles via the use of a tattoo procedure. The technician or artist, places ‘dots’ on the head of the patient, to achieve the illusion that the tattooed dot, is a hair follicle. 

Although a SMP procedure is considered a ‘permanent’ procedure, A SMP results can last up to six years. The ink will generally begin to fade between 3-5 years. The length of time it will last,  will depend on factors such as: how much exposure to the sun the patient has had, how the SMP was performed and the immune system of the patient. 

There are a few variables that impact the length of time it takes for a SMP session. Variables include; the area of the head that is being addressed (hairline, mid-scalp, entire head)  Obviously performing a SMP procedure on an entire head would take longer than performing one on just the hairline. The type of skin the patient has would dictate the amount of time it takes (some skin types require more attention than others) and whether the SMP session was a first session or a touchup session.

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Common Scalp Micropigmentation Questions

There are a few variables that determine the cost of a SMP procedure. One of the variables is the area of that head that requires tattooing to meet your har restoration goals. If it’s just the hairline that you need addressing, that area will obviously cost less than having your entire head tattooed. Prices also range from clinic to clinic depending on what the artists at each clinic values their time at.  Generally though, you should see a range form around $1,500-to $5,500 for a full head. 

The level of discomfort experienced by patients during SMP procedures is really dependant upon the individual. Some individuals find the process relaxing to the point they fall asleep during the procedure, while others consider the procedure an annoyance causing moderate discomfort. 

SMP procedure overview

Latest Scalp Micropigmentation Results

Patient Age:
Treatment Duration:
3 hours
Norwood Scale:
Type 3
Patient Age:
Treatment Duration:
3 hours
Norwood Scale:
Type 3