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Hair Transplant Newfoundland

Dr Paul Cotterill always personally examines each patient’s problem during the consultation. As he understands that each patient is unique, he gives adequate time to assess the patient’s hair loss and explain the treatment options.

Dr Paul Cotterill operates his hair transplant clinic in Toronto, Canada, and has an office in Manhattan to see patients for consultation and also sees patients in Newfoundland. He received his Bachelor of Science, with honours, from McGill University and later his degree in medicine from the University of Toronto, after which he completed two years of surgical residency in orthopedic surgery and then went on to train with Dr Walter Unger in a medical practice limited entirely to hair restoration and transplantation in both men and women. Dr Paul Cotterill has been practicing hair restoration exclusively for over 32 years and tries to work with all patients and their unique situations. Dr Cotterill is certified by The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and is a past president of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.


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    Awards and Recognition

    Golden Folicle Award (2018)