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Trichologist Wisconsin


Wisconsin Trichologist clinicCali is a holistic Certified Trichologist & Cosmetologist in Delafield, Wisconsin . She has always loved helping women and men with their confidence through her skills. However, when Cali went through her own postpartum hair loss with no solutions readily available, she knew there had to be more out there. 

Cali has a biology, psychology, & chemistry bachelors degree that has helped her along her journey to gaining Trichology education and in finding solutions for her clients. She approaches all concerns with compassion and honesty. Taking into consideration total body and mental wellness while addressing the presenting problems. Having many years experience with evaluating and diagnosing patients, Cali is extremely thorough and detailed. 

Hair and scalp concerns are typically a symptom of something else going on inside the body and Cali really takes the time to make sure she understands the big picture before working with you on your personal treatment plan. She starts with and in-depth analysis to gain a more detailed insight into all the pieces that may be contributing to your concerns. Using a microscope to view your scalp and hair follicles also helps her to see any external factors that may be influencing your hair and scalp quality. After discussing the areas that need addressing, Cali has natural topicals, supplements, and treatments to help on your journey. If applicable, she also specializes in doing extensions safely on fine hair and Scalp Micropigmentation to give you a confidence boost while getting your natural hair back to a place you are comfortable.  

If needed, Cali has a network of local holistic and alternative practitioners to give you the full support on your way to a healthier and happier you. She conducts everything in a fully private suite to provide a safe and relaxing environment. 

Giving you back confidence in your appearance while feeling confident about your decisions is her top priority. 


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    What happens during an initial consultation?


    I offer personalized consultation service. During our hour-long appointment, we'll dive deep into your health and medication history, discuss any past or current hair issues you've been dealing with, and conduct a thorough imaging and analysis of your hair follicles. Together, we'll work on creating a customized treatment plan that targets your specific needs.


    Awards and Recognition

    Bachelor of Science in Biology

    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    Tricho EDU Certified Trichologist