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Martine Langsam

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Trichologist San Rafael

Martine Langsam, IAT, WTS


I possess certification as a Trichologist accredited by the International Association of Trichology (IAT) and hold membership in the esteemed World Trichology Society (WTS). With the expertise as also a licensed cosmetologist in California, I am deeply committed to nurturing healthy hair and lifestyles, propelling my journey into trichology. Operating a Trichology clinic nestled in the San Francisco Bay Area, in San Rafael, I specialize in fostering scalp health and promoting voluminous, robust hair through a holistic, naturopathic methodology. My sanctuary offers a serene, welcoming environment conducive to healing. I adeptly address an array of scalp concerns and hair ailments, including hair loss, psoriasis, alopecia, scalp scaling, seborrheic dermatitis, among others. Previously, I proudly owned two acclaimed salons—Renaissance House of Beauty and Harlequin Hair Designs. As a seasoned senior stylist boasting 38+ years of hands-on experience, alongside 10 years as a certified trichologist, my schedule remains bustling; I am seldom found idling. My dedication extends to proffering eco-friendly, natural, and organic hair products that prioritize hair health, efficacy, and sustainability. These products, devoid of ammonia, parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, sodium chloride, and other harsh constituents, deliver professional-grade results. I stand behind the products I endorse and recommend to my esteemed clientele. You can find more information about theses products on my website.

During a consultation/examination, our discussion delves into a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing your medical history—past and present (when relevant)—as well as any pertinent test results and prescribed medications from your healthcare provider. Lifestyle factors, dietary habits, nutritional intake, stressors, past experiences, exercise regimens, and external environmental influences are integral components of our dialogue. For a closer inspection and enhanced detail, when warranted, I utilize a digital scope (dermascope) magnifying between 60X-700X. This allows for an in-depth view of scalp health, cuticles, and hair bulbs, aiding our assessment and guiding the best possible care.

I look forward to assisting you on your hair restoration journey!



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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long Have I been a trichologist?


    I have been a certified trichologist for 10+ years. I received my certification in 2014 from the IAT (International Association of Trichology).




    Awards and Recognition

    Advanced IAT Training with Evie Johnson

    Bachelor Of Science In Natural Health

    IAHM Technician in Polarized Light Microscopy

    IAT (International Association of Trichology) Certificate

    Nutritional Coaching

    WTS Internship with Sergio Cardona