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Trichologist New York

new york trichologist working on a patient's scalp Located in Huntington New York, Maneink Hair Loss Solutions is more than just a clinic- It’s a source where every aspect of your well-being is considered in the fight against hair loss. Laura Volpe, CHLP, this clinic is at the forefront of integrating innovative hair care treatments with a holistic understanding of each client. Laura and her team offer an array of services, including a tranquil scalp Spa, expert trichology Services, a detailed hair check system, and scalp micropigmentation.

Maneink Hair Loss Solutions excels in its trichology services, where we bridge the crucial gap between healthcare and hair care. Understanding the root causes of hair loss, scalp conditions, and various types of alopecia is at the forefront of our clinic. Our trichology services delve deep into diagnosing these underlying issues to provide targeted, effective treatments. Without a clear understanding of the specific condition affecting each client, proper treatment cannot be implemented. Every treatment begins with a comprehensive intake form that explores your health, nutrition, wellness and medical history. This thorough understanding allows Laura to craft personalized treatment plans that are not just about treating hair loss but are tailored to enhance your overhaul well-being

  This commitment to understanding and addressing the foundational causes of hair loss and scalp issues underscores our holistic approach and is essential for achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.



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    Frequently Asked Questions


    I am experiencing hair loss. What can I do?


    At ManeInk Hairloss Solutions, we understand how distressing hair
    loss can be. The first step is to schedule a consultation with us. At
    the initial contact you will be sent and intake form to be filled out
    prior to your appointment going over health, wellness, ailments, nutrition
    and lifestyle. During your consultation session, we will conduct a
    thorough assessment of your scalp and hair health using advanced
    diagnostic tools. Based on the findings, we will create a personalized
    treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Our holistic approach
    ensures that we consider all factors contributing to your


    What is a dermscope and how can it be helpful?


    A dermscope is a specialized device used to magnify and visualize
    the scalp and hair follicles in great detail. This tool allows us to see
    any abnormalities, inflammation, infections, or other issues that might
    be affecting your scalp health. By using a dermscope, we can make more
    accurate diagnoses and develop more effective treatment plans. It helps
    eliminate guesswork, ensuring that we address the root causes of your
    hair loss.


    What treatments are best for hair loss?


    The best treatment for hair loss depends on the underlying cause and
    your individual condition. At ManeInk Hairloss Solutions, we offer a
    range of treatments, including Scalp Micropigmentation, low-level laser
    therapy, scalp spa, topical treatments, and customized hair care
    protocols. We also focus on improving overall scalp health through
    nutritional advice and lifestyle changes. Our goal is to provide
    comprehensive solutions that promote hair growth and prevent further


    How quickly can I expect results?


    The timeline for seeing results varies from person to person,
    depending on the severity and cause of the hair loss, as well as the
    chosen treatment plan. Some clients may start noticing improvements
    within a few weeks, while for others, it might take several months. At
    ManeInk Hairloss Solutions, we monitor your progress closely and adjust
    treatments as needed to ensure the best possible outcome. Patience and
    consistency are key to achieving optimal results.




    Awards and Recognition

    American Medical Certification Association

    USTI Certified Trichologist