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Trichologist Missouri 

trichologist in Missouri posing in front of clinicHave you ever wondered why some hair loss treatments work wonders for some but not for others? Hi, I’m Chrissy, and after 30 years as a hairstylist, this question drove me to become a Trichologist, a specialist in hair and scalp health. Understanding the science behind hair loss and its treatments has been my journey and passion.

My adventure in combating hair loss began with extensions. Witnessing the joy and renewed confidence in my clients was transformative. It wasn’t just about adding length or volume; it was about restoring their sense of self. This experience led me to the world of toppers and wigs. Believe it or not, making a client cry tears of happiness is my barometer for success. It’s a profound reminder that what I do isn’t just about hair; it’s about bringing people back to life, boosting their confidence, and helping them reclaim their public presence.

Many people don’t even know what a topper is, or how natural wigs can look. And there’s a common misconception that if hair loss runs in your family, you just have to live with it. That’s far from the truth. There are numerous solutions and reasons for hair loss, and my role is to guide you in discovering both.

My approach to hair loss is holistic and comprehensive, focusing on non-surgical solutions. Our journey together starts with an in-depth consultation to identify the type of hair loss you’re experiencing. Then, we explore various treatment options. I collaborate closely with nutritionists, dermatologists, and even hair transplant clinics to offer you a tailored solution.

For those in need of immediate results, such as clients undergoing chemotherapy or facing permanent hair loss, I specialize in creating perfect, comfortable, and incredibly natural-looking wigs. And for those looking to conceal hair loss primarily on the top of their head, toppers are an excellent option that blends seamlessly with your natural hair.

Remember, hair loss doesn’t have to be an accepted fate. With the right guidance and solutions, you can regain not just your hair, but also your confidence and zest for life. Give me a call, and let’s start this journey together.


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    What is an epigenetic hair scan?


    The innovative epigenetic hair scans offered by Hair Loss Solutions STL in Kirkwood, Missouri, serve to meticulously examine the molecular alterations present on your DNA extracted from a hair sample. These distinctive epigenetic indicators play a pivotal role in identifying the interplay between genetic predispositions and environmental influences that could potentially exacerbate hair loss. Armed with this insightful data, we can formulate targeted strategies to combat hair loss effectively at its root cause.





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