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Trichologist Illinois

Photo of Rene, a trichologist in IllinoisI am personally aware of the challenges that come with hair loss and the impact it has on both ones mental and physical well-being. Dealing with thinning hair and scalp problems can be overwhelming and distressing. The resulting frustration can exacerbate the issue, leading to further hair loss and affecting your self-esteem.
However, there is a glimmer of hope! Nestled in Libertyville, IL, our hidden gem provides a tranquil sanctuary, where you’ll receive empathy and support for your personal journey. In my capacity as a certified Trichologist and Hair-Loss Specialist, I can identify the underlying issues, offer advice on maintaining optimal scalp and hair health, and recommend personalized preventative or restorative solutions, tailored to your requirements, lifestyle, and comfort.
The cornerstone of my approach begins with private consultations, which are both calming and enlightening, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your situation and the available choices. My Illinois Trichology services, including laser treatments, scalp facials, and specialized products, focus on preventive care to aid in healing and hair growth. I offer a variety of Hair Replacement options, from Daily-Wear solutions like Toppers, to Extended-Wear options such as Integration Systems and Bondable Hair Pieces. For a more in-depth exploration of your hair and overall health, I provide a Hair Analysis Test that evaluates your unique nutritional and immune system challenges.
No matter which solution you choose to move forward with, I will always be here to support you on your journey, ensuring that you have someone by your side to guide you. I am committed to assisting individuals in reclaiming their confidence and embracing a fresh perspective on life by revitalizing them from the inside out, one strand of hair at a time!


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is involved with a Trichology Consultation?


    During this 1.5-hour appointment, we will assess genetics, medical history, and perform a scalp-scope analysis to identify the reasons behind your hair loss and scalp issues. After analyzing the results, personalized solutions will be suggested to meet your individual needs. This service is perfect for those in the initial to intermediate stages of hair loss, encountering scalp problems, or looking for preventative care.


    What is a Scalp Facial?


    This relaxing service is designed to improve your scalp health through the use of exfoliation, massage, and deep cleansing techniques. Tailored to eliminate toxins, boost blood circulation, and stimulate hair growth. Each session consists of a scalp scope, dry brush exfoliation, scalp massage, treatment mask with a relaxing micro-mist, and blow-dry/styling.




    Awards and Recognition

    American Hairlines- Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Certification

    American Medical Certification Association

    Hairdreams- Microlines Integration Certification

    International Hair Goods- Hair Replacement Certification

    Jon Renau- Toppers/ Wigs/ Hair Replacement Certification

    Tricho EDU Certified Trichologist

    USTI Certified Trichologist