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Trichologist Georgia 

Georgia trichologist using a Ted Alma machine for hair restorationWelcome to Scalp Garden, your haven for scalp wellness and hair vitality. Under the guidance of our certified Georgia Trichologist and Hair Loss Specialist, we offer tailored treatments to address scalp concerns and foster hair growth.

Experience a personalized approach to scalp care, whether you’re navigating hair loss or simply seeking to optimize your scalp’s health.

At Scalp Garden, we understand the sensitivity surrounding hair loss discussions. That’s why we provide private one-on-one sessions, enhanced by tranquil tree top views and optional aromatherapy to create a calming atmosphere.

Our space is scarf, hijab, and wig friendly, so come in how you feel most confident. If you’re uncomfortable, head coverings only need to be removed for assessment or treatment. We only ask you don’t use hair fibers so we can assess and monitor your scalp and hair for optimal health. We might have giant windows, but here, there are no onlookers from the street. Your privacy is important to us.

At Scalp Garden, we believe in fostering not just physical wellness, but also mental and emotional well-being. We understand the importance of practicing kindness and grace towards oneself, especially during vulnerable moments. That’s why we encourage all our clients to prioritize self-care and self-compassion. To facilitate this, we offer mirrorless appointments upon request, providing a space where you can focus solely on your experience without the pressure of self judgment. We don’t tolerate a bully, even if it’s the voice inside your head. 

But we’re not just about in-studio treatments. We’re passionate about empowering you with healthy scalp habits to practice at home. We will guide you through simple yet effective routines to maintain scalp health between visits.

As much as possible, we err on the side of simplicity. 45 step routines aren’t necessary or realistic. An at-home routine with fewer steps and products limits the overwhelm and is more likely to be successful. More isn’t more, EFFECTIVE is the goal.

Additionally, we recognize the crucial role nutrition plays in hair and scalp wellness. That’s why we offer guidance on nourishing your body from the inside out, ensuring your scalp receives the nutrients it needs for optimal growing conditions.

With our cutting-edge TED hair restoration treatments, we’re committed to helping you reclaim the vibrant, healthy hair you deserve.  The treatments are quick, painless, and the results are AMAZING.

We offer a unique and personalized experience with our scalp scope appointments. Using a Trichoscope and measuring software, examinations of your scalp, looking closer to assess its health and condition. These appointments provide valuable insights into any underlying issues or concerns, allowing us to tailor our treatments to your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with hair loss, scalp irritation, or simply seeking to maintain optimal scalp health, our scalp scope appointments are an essential step towards achieving your hair goals and tracking treatment efficacy. 

At Scalp Garden, inclusivity is at the core of everything we do. We proudly welcome and serve all individuals, regardless of race, gender identity, or social status. Our commitment to being trans-friendly extends beyond words—it’s ingrained in our culture and practices. We strive to create a safe and affirming environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and celebrated for who they are. You are seen, heard, and embraced here. All are welcome to experience our personalized scalp care services and join our supportive community at Scalp Garden.


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    Does your studio offer privacy?


    In our small-scale operation, consisting of just two dedicated service providers, privacy is paramount. Our windows are private, preventing any unwanted observation from pedestrians passing by. Additionally, while we may require photos and videos for the tracking of your treatment progress. Rest assured that these materials are treated with the utmost confidentiality. They are strictly used for internal purposes and are never shared without your explicit consent, ensuring your privacy and comfort throughout your experience with us.





    Awards and Recognition

    Certified Hair Loss Specialist Tricho EDU

    The Gordon Method of Hair & Scalp Analysis - Karen Gordon Hair Loss Academy

    Tricho EDU Certified Trichologist

    Yume Head Spa Essentials - Takara Belmont