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Stacey is a certified Hair Loss Specialist and certified Connecticut Trichologist as well as a Licensed Cosmetologist.
She has a holistic approach to helping those with hair loss and scalp concerns to regain their confidence. When many of her guests were coming in with hair loss, as well as struggling with it herself she knew she had to find a way to help them. She understands that hair loss and hair thinning can be emotional and overwhelming and she is dedicated to helping her guests feel like themselves again.
Stacey’s extensive experience behind the chair as a cosmetologist allows her to connect with her guests on both a clinical and personal level.
Her guests trust her honesty and value her empathy.
Stacey believes that treatments are not one size fits all which is why she takes into consideration mental health, nutrition and inflammatory concerns of her guests. Starting the process off with an in depth questionnaire pre visit, she can start to analyze symptoms and connect the dots to finding the root cause of hair loss and scalp concerns. Using tools such as microscopes, Stacey can get a closer look at hair follicles to identify any external factors that may be producing hair and scalp issues. Stacey then uses the information she has acquired to create a customized treatment plan using homeopathic remedies such as topicals, treatments, services and supplements to get you on the right path to hair recovery. She also offers extensions installation to guests who are applicable to make them feel more comfortable as they are going through their recovery journey.

Stacey’s private suite is located in the quaint town of Somers, Connecticut, equal distance from both Hartford and Hampden counties. Her one-on-one experience will bring ease to anyone who is having an emotional response to their hair and scalp issues.

If need be, Stacey is connected to other local holistic practitioners such as nutritionists and FSM technicians who can offer support and their services through your process

You’ll know instantly upon meeting stacey that you are her top priority and you’ll already gain confidence knowing that you are in good hands.


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is offered during one of my hair and scalp evaluation sessions?


    This session is tailored to individuals seeking to address abnormal shedding, stimulate new hair growth, and implement a scientifically-supported, personalized plan for hair recovery. It involves:

    1. Completing a questionnaire before the session via email to gather relevant information.

    2. Conducting a microscopic evaluation of your hair and scalp to assess their condition.

    3. Engaging in an in-depth private consultation focused on hair care.

    4. Assessing your medical history to understand potential underlying causes of hair loss.

    5. Developing a customized plan for hair recovery and maintenance, which includes recommendations for products and treatments.

    6. Providing ongoing support through email to ensure continuity in your hair care journey.

    This session encompasses comprehensive evaluation and personalized guidance to address your specific hair concerns effectively.


    Awards and Recognition

    Certified Hair Loss Specialist Tricho EDU

    License of Cosmetology Creative School of Hairdressing

    Tricho EDU Certified Trichologist